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An Important Message from Maryland Labor Secretary Tiffany Robinson

Important COVID-19 Information for Customers

Per Executive Order by Governor Larry Hogan, the State of Maryland government is now operating at Elevated Level II, which mandates a period of telework for non-essential employees across state agencies and the closure of state office buildings to the public.

Starting on Friday, March 13, the Maryland Department of Labor’s offices will be closed to the public.

If possible, customers are urged to contact the department by e-mail, rather than by phone, to ensure a timely response.

To access contact information and division specific messaging, please visit the web pages linked below.

Welcome to the Maryland Department of Labor website. Thanks for visiting! Here you'll find information on the many programs and services available to you through our Department. The Maryland Department of Labor provides job development and employment training to help our citizens get the skills and expertise they need to move with our economy into Maryland's future. We're dedicated to providing our business and consumer customers with high quality, efficient and friendly services. We're open for business, to serve you.

We hope you will take time to browse the many options available to you on our Home Page. We'd like your input! Let us know how well the information provided here meets your needs, and what other information or services you would like available to you through the Internet.

You can send comments to us pertaining to a particular Division. Please visit our Agency Contacts page and click on the appropriate e-mail address.

For quick updates and more information, please follow the Maryland Department of Labor on Twitter (@MD_Labor) and Facebook.

Unemployment Insurance

File for Unemployment Insurance or report Unemployment Insurance contributions

Maryland Workforce Exchange

Looking for a job, hiring or need training?

GED? Info/Testing

Take your GED? test in Maryland

Public Service Announcement

Human Trafficking
National Human Trafficking Hotline -- 24/7 Confidential

For more information on human trafficking in Maryland click here.

Changing Maryland for the Better

MD Labor's Mission and Vision
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